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JUNE 24, 2021


Acquisition Expands Nautilus’s Commitment to the New York Renewable Energy Market


SUMMIT, NJ (June, 24, 2021) — Nautilus Solar Energy, LLC (“Nautilus”), a leading owner-operator of solar projects focused on community solar markets located throughout the United States, announced the acquisition of a 6.34 MWdc community solar project in New York from Saturn Power Inc. (“Saturn”), a Canadian renewable energy developer. The project, located in Norwich, NY, is expected to start construction in Q2 2021. Once completed, it will provide a clean energy choice to 775 households within the NYSEG utility territory while advancing New York’s renewable energy goals.


The community solar project directly supports New York’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act which mandates the state to obtain 70 percent of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030 (and that the electric sector be emissions-free by 2040). When fully operational the project is expected to generate approximately 9.0 million kilowatt hours (kWhs) annually. That is the environmental equivalent of planting over 105,645 trees or taking over 1,390 cars off the road for the year, curbing greenhouse gas emissions and slowing harmful effect of climate change (source:


In addition to environmental benefits, community solar favorably impacts economic development. The project will employ up to 50 local construction and installation workers on the project at any given time, and will provide ongoing, positive economic benefits to the community over the 35-year life of the project.


This is the first transaction between Nautilus and Saturn Power. As the landowner, Nautilus has a long-term commitment to the projects, including being responsible for the project management, asset management, maintenance services, and for acquiring and managing customer subscriptions.


“This acquisition extends Nautilus’s vision towards a sustainable future by providing equitable, affordable access to community solar for all New Yorkers,” said Jim Rice, co-Founder and co-CEO of Nautilus Solar. “This acquisition exemplifies Nautilus’s commitment to working closely with our early-stage development partners and furthers our overall goal of becoming a leading acquirer of community solar portfolios across the country,” added Jeffrey Cheng, President of Nautilus Solar.


“This community solar development will provide great benefit to the local community in addition to further contributing to New York State’s ambitious renewable energy targets and Saturn Power is proud of our team for their efforts in originating and developing this important solar project.” said Doug Wagner, CEO for Saturn Power. “When looking to transition this project to a local owner and operator, we pursued an organization with common values and a vision for renewable development that was consistent with Saturn Power’s, and we are delighted that Nautilus will be seeing this project through to commercial operation and beyond.”


Community solar is one of the fastest growing sectors of the New York clean energy industry, providing locally produced, affordable clean energy without any rooftop panels to install or upfront fees. Anyone who pays an electric bill can subscribe to a solar project in their area, helping to build stronger communities and fight climate change. Any residential NYSEG utility customer is eligible to subscribe to a portion of the energy produced by the Nautilus community solar project and receive a 10% savings on their utility bill with no upfront cost, no long-term commitment and no cancellation fees. Subscriptions to these projects are limited. Anyone interested in subscribing can now sign up at


About Nautilus Solar Energy, LLC


Nautilus Solar Energy, LLC is a leading owner-operator of solar projects serving the community solar market and corporate customers throughout the United States.  A pioneer in solar energy since 2006, Nautilus is committed to creating a clean, sustainable future by offering an equitable and affordable renewable energy choice. Through its Community Solar initiative, Nautilus is making solar energy available to a broader marketplace, including low to middle income (LMI) households and unrated businesses that wish to reduce their carbon footprint and utility bills. 


Nautilus is wholly owned by Power Sustainable, a global multi-platform alternative asset manager with a long-term investment approach focused on sustainable strategies.  Nautilus owns solar projects throughout their entire lifecycle enabling Nautilus, along with entrusted local partners, to fulfill its promise of creating a better world by powering communities with clean energy for the long term.


For more information on Nautilus Solar Energy visit Join Nautilus on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and/or visit for more information.


About Saturn Power


Saturn Power Inc., founded in 2007 and based in Baden, Ontario, Canada, has over 600 MW of renewable energy generation and storage projects in development, built or operating, including solar, battery storage and wind power projects in Canada, Bermuda, the United States and Turkey. The company also has expertise in project financing, engineering, procurement, and construction as well as the operation and maintenance of existing renewable assets.


For more information, visit


Media Inquiries:


Cathy W. McAuliffe


Marketing Coordinator, Nautilus Solar Energy LLC

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Shanna Li

Legal Counsel


Give us a brief overview of your role with Saturn Power?


I am legal counsel within Saturn’s legal department. My role is involved at every project milestones for our solar, wind, and battery projects. This includes reviewing all variety of agreements that come through, working on Request For Proposals (RFP’s), looking over terms and agreements for the purchase ofequipment with suppliers during the construction phase of projects, and the sale of projects across North American and Bermuda. I am also involved in the corporate governance of the different subsidiaries of Saturn Power as well as involved with HR for employment related issues.


What is the most memorable moment you have had working at Saturn Power so far?


I would say being able to work on the sale of the Tiffany project. It was one of the first projects where I felt I was leading a lot of the negotiations during the tail end of the project. I also really enjoy being involved in the social committee as I enjoy chatting and coming up with events for people to participate.



Nearly 18 months into the pandemic, we are accustomed to working from home. What has been a rewarding element of working remotely and what have you found challenging?


I think a rewarding element is I have more time during the day since there’s an absence of interruptions. The Saturn office has an open design and people can drop by which may create interruptions, so being able to get lots of time during the day where I can be super focused is great. Another element I enjoy is the flexibility such as being able to prepare a lunch at home. What’s been challenging is the lack of face time at work since I enjoy speaking to people and grabbing a coffee from Tim Hortons.


What’s the best movie that you’ve watched in the last year?


I would say Soul is the best movie I have seen this year. It is really great and I feel like everybody must watch it.


Can you provide a personal accomplishment that you are really proud of?


I think running a half marathon in 2019 is something I’m really proud of. Just being able to finish and raise money for refugees during the Scotiabank marathon was amazing. My time was not great but I was really glad I could finish it.


What’s a favourite place you’ve travelled to?


One place that I reminisce often about is in 2017 where I met up with friends in Pakistan and had a great time traveling together. It is gorgeous and the people there are very friendly. I got to check out many different parts of the country and I highly recommend going if you have friends there.



When you’re not working, what do you do with your spare time?


I try to workout and I spend a lot of my time looking for delicious food places to hit up.


If you could only get delivery from one local food joint for the next 3 months what spot and meal are you picking?


I am located in Massachusetts and one local food joint is a local restaurant named Season-To-Go and they support a lot of local, in-season food. However, the one food I’m picking is duck confit.

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Lauryn Ostermaier

Project Coordinator


Give us a brief overview of your role with Saturn Power?


I work with Larry to help lead and coordinate the efforts of the land team and ensure all core tasks and accountabilities are fulfilled so that Saturn can develop viable green energy projects.


What is the most memorable moment you have had working at Saturn Power so far?


I have a few memorable moments ranging from making a coffee for a co-worker that included vinegar water (only a select few know what I’m talking about here) or looking out the window to find people driving over curbs and landing on parked cars in the parking lot at our old office. However, I have to say starting a new position during a pandemic takes the cake. The amount of support I received to allow me to quickly get up to speed with current projects, processes and market details was mind blowing and truly appreciated. Also, due to the virtual aspect, it’s been quite the experience to learn the company culture and try to meet new coworkers. It’s been a welcome challenge that solidifies I have made the right decision to become a member of the Saturn team.



This is your second stint with Saturn – what is an interesting difference between your first tenure and your second?


I was hired as an Administrative Assistant back in 2012. At that time, we were located in a small office in New Hamburg. It was an office of 5 (or so) staff with a few projects on the go, all specifically focused in the Ontario market. Fast forward to 2020, I’m back and have joined a team of over 50 employees located throughout Canada, the US and overseas. I came back to a company that has grown from focusing on one market to multiple. We are becoming a fierce competitor as the days and weeks go on and yet, one thing has remained consistent; we have managed to maintain that tight knit family atmosphere that we all truly appreciate. I look forward to seeing what the next 5 years will bring!


What was the title of the last book you read?


The title of the last book I read was “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a…”… I’ll let you fill in the blank. It was a great book that reminds you that everyone is flawed and limited in some way but strongly reiterates that you only have one life to live so make the best of it. It’s a real talk style of book with hilarious stories that somehow or another tie in life lessons. It’s meant to open your eyes to get us to lead a more balanced life. I also like to mix in a bit of Robert Munsch or Diary of a Wimpy Kid to shake things up a bit (…thanks to my kids).


What’s a favourite place you’ve travelled to?


I’ve been on some great trips that have left me with great memories (or lack thereof), but I have to admit, the best of them all was taking my kids to Disney World. Seeing their faces light up, day in and day out, was absolutely magical. It was an experience that is still talked about to this very day and an experience we were able to share with their grandparents.


When you’re not working, what do you do with your spare time?


I have always spent my summers at our cottage. You’ll find me at the beach, on the patio enjoying a few beverages or boating around Lake Erie trying to show off my fishing skills to anyone who will pay attention. Pre-Covid, I enjoyed being part of the Dragon Boat fun league in my town and is something I hope to pick up again once restrictions allow.  I’m always on the hunt for a good ice cream cone so you’ll find me touring around looking for a little mom and pop shop that offers HUGE scoops of Chocolate Peanut Butter ice cream. In the winter, you can find me at the arena cheering on my son’s hockey team or at the barn watching my daughter during her horseback riding lessons.



If you could only get delivery from one local food joint for the next 3 months what spot and meal are you picking?


I enjoy a good chicken wing and pizza combo so I’d have to choose Aneta’s Pizzeria in Ridgeway. It’s a small pizza place that we religiously go to during the summer months. They make the best pizza and the most delicious wings you could ask for. The right amount of toppings and the right amount of sauce makes for the most mouth-watering meal!

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Meredith Moore 

Land Acquisition Specialist, USA


How long have you been with Saturn Power and what is a brief overview of your role with the company?


I have been with Saturn Power as a Land Acquisition Specialist for a year and a half now. In my role I predominately interact with landowners that we are negotiating with to obtain land control for potential solar and energy storage projects. When I am not on the road or conducting site visits with landowners, I am assisting with the background steps to identify viable properties and help move them towards eventual development. This includes site screening across multiple markets with the Development and GIS team, preparing Option and Lease agreements, and attending municipal meetings.


What is the most memorable moment you have had working at Saturn Power?


I would have to say my most memorable moments come from meeting landowners all over rural Pennsylvania and New York. Touring each site and hearing the unique history and character of their properties is always a fun adventure. In the dead of winter in rural New York I was once offered a glass of whiskey and a pair of wool socks to keep me warm in the middle of a negotiation.



How has your past work experience prepared you for your role at Saturn Power?


Starting out in the oil and gas industry in 2008 I was involved in most every aspect of land work including title research, leasing, and right-of-way acquisition. Upon moving into the renewable energy sector in 2019, I found that I was easily able to apply those skills and knowledge towards acquiring viable solar and energy storage sites at Saturn.


Tell us one interesting fact about yourself that people at Saturn might not know?


On a weekly basis you can find me on the golf course, most evenings at my local country club or at trivia night trying to obtain the very coveted first place prize of a free appetizer for the following week.



What is a favorite place you have traveled to?


I would have to go with Puerto Rico as my favorite place I have traveled to. Back in 2017 a friend asked me if I wanted to go to Puerto Rico and I reluctantly declined. When she got there, she sent me a few pictures and explained how great it was. So, I booked a flight right then and there, packed a bag and hopped on the plane the next morning. I have been back 3 times since then. The culture, food, weather, and beaches are just a few things that keep me going back and I am anxiously awaiting to go back this fall.


When you’re not working, what do you do in your spare time?


When I’m not playing golf, you can usually find me spending time at my cabin in Western PA where I enjoy cooking, kayaking and spending time with family and friends by the camp fire. I also travel as frequently as possible, attend at least one music festival a year and several local concerts, and avidly tailgate for Pittsburgh sporting events.


If you could only get delivery from one local food joint for the next 3 months what spot and meal are you picking?


In Pittsburgh there is a sushi restaurant called Mola. Honestly, any sushi from there would do the trick but if I had to pick just one meal it would be their tuna poke bowl.

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Kyle Edginton 

Senior Manager, Engineering

What is your role at Saturn Power? How long have you been with Saturn and can you give me a brief overview of what your role entails?


I am the Senior Manager of Engineering and I have been with Saturn Power for 11 and a half months now. I am currently the Project Manager for the Highfield Solar project in Saskatchewan where I oversee day-to-day progress as well as provide engineering advice when needed. I also deal with energy storage projects mostly on the business development side where I build cost models and work with suppliers and contractors to figure out pricing.


What is the most memorable moment you have of working at Saturn Power?


It is hard to say since I have only ever worked at Saturn Power during the pandemic and have never actually been in the office. I would have to say the few times that I’ve been able to meet people in person, like the time I met my boss, David Windley, and other BD team members for the first-time on site visits.




What has drawn you to working in the renewables industry?


I have always had a passion to reduce my footprint on the earth so when I had a friend who started a renewables company about 10 years ago, I saw it as the perfect opportunity to get into the industry.


Name one thing that has been challenging about working remotely and one thing that has been rewarding about working remotely?


What has been challenging is the ability to always stay focused since we have become so disconnected. The benefit is that it has been cool to see the kids and my wife all working from home. It has been really nice to see my family during the day. My kids are good students and its nice to see them focused on school and getting their work done.


What’s a favourite place you’ve travelled to?


It would probably have to be Southeast Asia. I went there 2 years ago with my family, to celebrate my wife turning 50 and my son graduating from high school and getting ready to go to university. We toured Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Singapore for 4 weeks and it was a great experience. The kids especially enjoyed the trip and they considered it a great experience for themselves.



When you’re not working, what do you do in your spare time?


In my spare time I do home renovation projects. Right now, I’m actually in the middle of a pretty major main floor renovation. My wife and I also bought a house a little while ago and renovated it into a duplex, however the whole flipping process took longer than expected because of inspection delays caused by new COVID protocols. We would like to do something similar again but the market is just too crazy at the moment.


If you could only get delivery from one local food joint for the next 3 months what spot and meal are you picking?


My family has frequented very few restaurants in town because we tend to just settle for the ones we already like. If it was up to my wife, she would probably pick KW Pho in downtown Kitchener near the Kitchener market, which is a small place that has only been around for a couple years now. However, if it was up to me, I would have to go with Domino’s pizza since I love pizza. The order itself would be a crispy thin crust pizza.

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Jared Perram

Sr. Project Developer


What is your role at Saturn Power? How long have you been with Saturn and can you give me a brief overview of what your role entails?


I’m a senior project developer with a primary focus in New York State. I’ve been with Saturn for a little over a year. As a senior project developer, I, and the rest of the New York team, oversee all things solar development in NY State. From early involvement in the land acquisition process, through permitting and utility engagement, all the way up to the construction, and/or the potential sale of our projects. Developers are problem solvers; most days are consumed with either planning for or reacting to any number of different issues that can come up during project development. You’re constantly shifting focus from one end of the development spectrum to the next and touching on all the little pieces in the middle.


What is the most memorable moment you have of working at Saturn Power?


At the tail end of my first two-weeks in Ontario, following the work-from-home announcement, I went to lunch at an Irish pub with the few remaining members at the office. We sat down for a beer and a sandwich and it was a nice send-off, as I was going back to the States. We had a real, down-to-earth, “what’s happening with the state of the world” conversation and it sticks out to me as a nice, warm reception into the company.



What has drawn you to working in the renewables industry?


Renewables for me was partly out of necessity. Growing up, I didn’t put a whole lot of emphasis on schoolwork, and I ended up finding myself in Buffalo, New York seeing others around me in the same program having difficulty finding work. I figured I needed to do something else and went abroad through the University of Virginia. I was all over Europe for 3 to 4 months and during this time I saw the impact sustainability and renewable energy had. I believed with my experience in construction I could find my place in this industry. Ultimately, it came from a place of necessity and understanding the strengths that I had already built. But along the way renewables did prove itself to be a passion.


You’re an avid sports fan. Tell us about a distinct in-stadium or tailgating memory?


My favourite memories are during my late teens to early twenties when my friends and I had season tickets for the Buffalo Bills. We had this van that we drove and tailgated out of for home games and would take it cross country to different cities for away games. We were young and broke, so we had times when the breaks went out in the mountains, getting stranded and reaching games just in-time, getting egged while we drive the van through cities of opposing teams, and so many other wild experiences. We loved every second of it and it was so much fun. Also, one of my fondest memories when talking to my Canadian brethren is that it was always obvious at a Bills game if you saw somebody walking with an NFL jersey of a team that was not playing, we would immediately walk up to them and ask them how bridge traffic was because we knew they were Canadian. They would of course always reply politely “Not too bad, thank you”.



What’s a favourite place you’ve travelled to?


This is a really tough question and a apart of me wants to say Russia. I never felt so far away from home while in St. Petersburg and Moscow and those were certainly an interesting few weeks. However, Egypt was one of the biggest culture shocks I had in my life. At the time, as a younger person visiting right before the revolution, the political and social environment was palpable enough for me to notice. This experience gave me a new perspective on culture, religion, and an overall self-awakening in a lot of diverse ways.


Outside of work, what do you love to do with your time?


I am a big outdoors guy and that was a huge part of wanting to move back to Western New York from California and North Carolina. Any type of camping, hiking, backpacking, canoe trips, or any big outdoor trips that take several days are always a lot of fun. Also, I like to read pretty much anything non-fiction I can get my hands on. I’m a fan of anything that speaks about different universal energies, growth mindsets and history related literature. Sitting on the front porch, having a beer and meaningful chat with friends is also something I love to do.


If you could only get delivery from one local food joint for the next 3 months what spot and meal are you picking?


We have these quintessential Italian delis that exist almost on every corner. Some of them really suck while others are extremely good. These places are small and local, so you don’t really know what you’re into until you order and try the food for yourself. I stumbled across a place, Marco’s, and the sandwich was so good that I almost called them back to express my love for the food. So, if I had to pick it would have to be Marco’s Italian Deli.

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Mike Gupta

VP of Construction & Operations


What is your role at Saturn Power? How long have you been with Saturn and can you give me a brief overview of what your role entails?


I am the VP of Construction, Operations, and Maintenance. I have been with Saturn Power for over 7 years. I started at Saturn as a Construction Manager for one of our 10MW solar farms, David Brown. After the completion of this project, I started looking after the operations and maintenance for all Saturn Power assets. Right now, I am responsible for leading our team in the construction of new projects and the operation and maintenance of all solar, wind, and battery assets in Ontario, as well as our Highfield project in Saskatchewan and solar project in Bermuda.


What is the most memorable moment you have of working at Saturn Power?


Saturn Power is a very family-oriented company, and management works alongside their employees, even during difficult times. Management has always been very cooperative and helpful, not only to me, but to all its employees. Saturn Power organizes a lot of (virtual) social gatherings and team-building activities, and Christmas get togethers, which are all memorable moments. I can’t say anything specifically as they are all great in their own way.



What about your previous roles have prepared you for success at Saturn?


Prior to joining Saturn Power, I had the opportunity to work at Bruce Power and on the construction of a solar farm for Aecon. I also had the good fortune of working in the automotive industry, where I acquired experience in making Locomotives and in the assembly of cars. As automotive is an extremely fast paced industry, it honed my skills of collaboration and completing projects on time and right the first time. My education has also played a great role in shaping my life. I completed a Masters in Electronic Engineering from England at the University of Bradford, which gave me the valuable knowledge, which has often comes in handy for the operations, maintenance, and other day-to-day project requirements.


Best vacation you’ve been on?


In December 2019, just before the Pandemic began, I went to Mexico with my family to an all-inclusive resort. The vacation itself wasn't particularly notable, however I value this trip highly because it was right before the lockdown and was our last vacation as a family. Being able to remember the fun times I enjoyed with my wife, son, and daughter makes the memory 10 times greater.


Outside of work, what do you love to do with your time?


In my free time, I like to watch the game of cricket. Also, I used to play cricket with my friends but not anymore. Apart from that I enjoy travelling and learning about new places.


Describe a recent meal that was truly memorable.


As we all know, due to the pandemic, it is not possible to eat out at restaurants currently. However, I always look back fondly to my 25th wedding anniversary dinner with my wife at the CN Tower. The dinner was wonderful, and our 360-degree view of Toronto was magnificent. We specially chose a time when the sun was setting behind the horizon so that we could enjoy the scenic view of the Toronto skyline.

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David Heiduck

Vice President, Business Development

What is your role at Saturn Power? How long have you been with Saturn and can you give me a brief overview of what your role entails?


My role is VP of Business Development which means I oversee all Business Development activities at Saturn, currently being Solar and Storage. I work very closely with Julia, who is leading the Solar Development Team, and Nick, who is leading the Storage Development Team. I work together with them and the executive team on the corporate strategy of how to grow and maximize revenues for Saturn with our projects. I’ve been with Saturn for almost 2 years now.



What does a typical day as the Vice President of Business Development look like for you?


I get up, eat cereal, drink tea, water, or coffee and then have a Teams meeting. Usually, 60% of my day is Teams meetings. This is catching up and getting updates on our various projects and opportunities, and many one-on-one personal development meetings. I also make myself available for anyone who has issues and wants to reach out to get my feedback or opinion. The rest of the time I have is spent reading about developments in the market that we at Saturn should be aware of or may affect our existing projects or opportunities. At the end of the day, I like to either go for a run or do some workouts on the Nike Training Club app which is a great way to do a quick 20-30 minute workout. Finally, I go to sleep.


What is the most memorable moment you have of working at Saturn Power?


When we played soccer after our summer event and Adam jumped into the lake behind the office in Baden.


What is the most rewarding part about working from home? What is the most challenging?


Not having to commute is a big reward, especially for me as I am in Toronto and our office is in Baden, so it was always quite a hike for me. A challenge for me is missing the impromptu or unplanned meetings with team members. Meeting someone in the hallway, chatting, going for lunch, any of the unplanned interactions with colleagues.


What was the best part about growing up in Germany?


Germany is in the center of Europe surrounded by different countries and cultures. A short car ride is all it takes to experience the many things around. Also, the drinking age is 16.


Best vacation you’ve been on?


My trip to Korea and Japan two years ago. My wife and I visited her aunts and uncles in Korea, then drove through the mountains and stayed at a Buddhist temple. Culturally, it was very interesting with a lot of variety of landscapes, activities, and partying. At the Seoraksan National Park we had the opportunity to stay with Buddhist monks and follow their traditions. We lived in the mountains far away from any city or urban environment. Also, the food was very special as it was all vegan and was without ingredients like garlic but was still very favourable. At the end of our stay, we wrote letters to ourselves which were delivered a year after we left. They were essentially time capsules of what our thoughts were at the time and we forgot about them, so it was a pleasant surprise.


Outside of work, what do you love to do with your time?


I like to run regularly and more recently we have been doing a lot of board games like Settlers of Catan. Exercise, cross-country skiing, and talking to my family in Germany are all things I do but are limited by our current situation.


Describe a recent meal that was truly memorable.


For New Years, my wife and I made okonomiyaki, a Japanese pancake.

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Saturn Power to Team with miEnergy to Build Saskatchewan’s First Utility Scale Solar PV Facility


Saturn Power Inc, a Canadian renewable energy developer, has selected Saskatoon-based miEnergy to serve as General Contractor on Saskatchewan’s first utility scale Solar PV project. The Highfield Solar Project, located east of Swift Current in the Rural Municipality of Coulee, will provide 10MW AC of solar energy to Saskatchewan’s energy supply. Site preparation for the project will begin in mid-August with construction scheduled to begin later in September. 


Given current circumstances related to the global COVID-19 pandemic, Saturn continues to exercise an abundance of caution to ensure the safety of our team members, their families and the local community. This approach focused additional importance in our choice of a local Saskatchewan contractor to avoid, where possible, unnecessary out of province travel for those working on site. We have also worked closely with miEnergy to ensure that strict on-site COVID-19 safety measures and protocols are established and followed to protect the wellbeing of all those on site and in the local community.


With local sub-contractors based throughout the province and deep roots within Saskatchewan communities, miEnergy is an ideal local partner in the construction of the Highfield Solar Project during the COVID-19 pandemic. With nearly two decades of experience in the Saskatchewan renewable energy industry, miEnergy maintains an internal priority of building strong local relationships in the communities of construction. The existing values of Indigenous participation and community engagement will be at the core of this partnership between miEnergy and project partners Saturn Power and SaskPower.


“Saturn Power takes great pride in being able to build the first utility scale solar project in Saskatchewan and we are honoured that our company has been entrusted with this responsibility,” said Doug Wagner, CEO for Saturn Power. “miEnergy’s acumen in the renewable energy sector is unmatched in Saskatchewan and we are pleased to be engaged on this exciting project with a company that shares Saturn’s values and vision for creating a sustainable environment.”


Kevin Bergeron, CEO and President of miEnergy, acknowledges “We are excited to be building the first utility scale solar project in Saskatchewan. This is a significant milestone for the energy landscape in the province as well as for us as a local renewable energy company. Over 100 jobs will be created through the construction of the Highfield Solar Project, many of them local to the region, and the economic impact of this project will be over $20 million. Over 2,200 homes will be powered with nearly 30,000 solar panels on 70 acres of land. This project is a meaningful investment that will see significant return for many years.”


Saturn Power Inc., founded in 2007 and based in Baden, Ontario, Canada, has over 600 MW of renewable energy generation and storage projects in development, built or operating, including solar, battery storage and wind power projects in Canada, Bermuda, the United States and Turkey. The company also has expertise in project financing, engineering, procurement, and construction as well as the operation and maintenance of existing renewable assets. Saturn Power Inc. has continued its work developing green energy projects during the global pandemic, maintaining our entire complement of employees while implementing work from home guidelines and protocols.


miEnergy, based in Saskatoon, SK, is one of Western Canada’s most established renewable energy, solar energy and geothermal energy solutions providers, specializing in turnkey mid- to large-scale projects. For more than 19 years, miEnergy has been dedicated to the transition to solar and geothermal energy. Comprised of professional engineers, designers, electricians and equipment operators, miEnergy is committed to both the safety of their team, the communities in which they work and remain motivated by their passion for helping their partners make the switch to renewable energy.

For additional information, please contact:


Saturn Power Inc. miEnergy

Devin Petteplace,                                                    

Manager of Corporate Services
Tel: 519-804-9163 ext. 118 


Kevin Bergeron                                

CEO & President 
Tel: 306-500-9040








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Project Developer Saturn Power & Long-Term Owner UPower Break Ground on Texas Solar Portfolio


Construction has begun on a portfolio of seven distribution-connected ground mount solar projects that will service the territories of five electric Co-operatives in central and west Texas. Renewable Energy developers Saturn Power Inc, headquartered in Ontario, Canada and UPower Energy, based in Austin Texas, have worked collaboratively to develop this 7.5 MW solar portfolio which will bring clean, affordable, and locally sourced renewable energy to these communities. 


Saturn Power and UPower are helping these Cooperatives provide emission-free renewable energy to residents in their respective communities while also achieving meaningful cost savings through avoidance of demand charges and generation capacity charges from their transmission providers. The generated electricity will be sold via individual 20-year power purchase agreements with the Cooperatives including PenTex Energy, Heart of Texas Electric Cooperative, Comanche County Electric Cooperative, Bartlett Electric Cooperative and South Plains Electric Cooperative. The projects range in size from 500KW to 1.4MW.

The opportunity to develop this solar portfolio was awarded to Saturn Power through a competitive Request for Proposal (RFP) process run by the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) on behalf of multiple Texas Electric Cooperatives. The Saturn team designed, developed and permitted the projects to Notice to Proceed (NTP) stage and then engaged the local Texas developer UPower to take over the portfolio through financing, construction and long-term ownership and operation.

“Saturn Power is thrilled to be working with UPower in order to bring this exciting portfolio to fruition”, said Doug Wagner, CEO for Saturn Power. “When looking for a local partner to take ownership of the projects, Saturn sought out a company who shared our values and vision, with UPower being an evident match from the beginning.”

“Rocky Mountain Institute was honored to work with all parties involved in making affordable, clean, and local energy a reality in Texas”, said Jason Prince, Manager at RMI. “Co-ops power over half of the U.S. landmass, and their independent structures allow them to be true innovators. The Cooperatives that are part of this deal are showing leadership, locally and nationally”.

“This partnership amongst developers and cooperatives is a testament to the value of the cooperative business model,” said Brandon Young, General Manager at Heart of Texas Electric Cooperative. “As individual cooperatives, we understood our member's desire for renewable energy, and by working cooperatively, we were able to leverage our purchasing power to bring this project to fruition.”

“Our new PenTex Energy SolarOne project will provide a renewable energy product, through our existing distribution lines, directly to our members,” said John Walterscheid, PenTex Energy Management Advisor. “One third of the businesses considering a relocation to our area and the nearby industrial park, which is served by PenTex Energy, preferred to build and operate in an area where renewable power is available and we are excited to provide that through this project.”

Saturn Power Inc., founded in 2007 and based in Baden, Ontario, Canada, has over 600 MW of renewable energy generation and storage projects in development, built or operating, including solar, battery storage and wind power projects in Canada, Bermuda, the United States, and Turkey. The company also has expertise in project financing, engineering, procurement, and construction as well as the operation and maintenance of existing renewable assets.

Saturn Power Inc. has continued its work developing green energy projects during the global pandemic, maintaining our entire complement of employees while implementing work from home guidelines and protocols to ensure the safety of our team members and their families.


For additional information, please contact:


Saturn Power


Devin Petteplace,

Manager, Corporate Services
Tel: 519-804-9163 ext. 118 


UPower Energy


Eric Ma, PhD


T: (650) 483-4910



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License Allows for Power Generation on Nearly Constructed 6 MW Bermudian Solar Project

Saturn Power Inc., a Canadian renewable energy developer, through its affiliate, Saturn Solar Bermuda 1 Ltd. was recently awarded a Bulk Generation License by Bermuda’s Regulatory Authority for their 6 MW Solar Power project. Saturn’s project, which is located on “The Finger” at the L.F. Wade International Airport on St. David’s Island in Bermuda, began construction in 2019 and is nearing commercial operation with the prospect of generation in the near future.


Along with government-owned Tynes Bay Waste-to-Energy and local electricity supplier BELCO, Saturn Solar Bermuda 1 Ltd. is now one of only three organizations that hold a generation license in Bermuda.



“We are thrilled with the Regulatory Authority’s decision to grant Saturn an Operating License for our Solar Project,” said Doug Wagner, Chief Executive Officer for Saturn Power. “This license has been the culmination of significant work and diligence on both sides and we are very proud and grateful to be entrusted with providing the people of Bermuda with access to clean, sustainable power for decades to come.”            


“I am particularly pleased with the fulfilment of a sustainable agenda with this new solar farm”’ said the Hon. Walter H. Roban, Deputy Premier and Minister of Home Affairs for Bermuda. “It fulfills all the goals of a sustainable project in providing social, economic, and environmental benefit. We are pleased to be working with Saturn Power and look forward to more clean, renewable energy for the benefit of all of Bermuda.”


Saturn Power Inc., founded in 2007 and based in Baden, Ontario, Canada, has over 600 MW of renewable energy generation and storage in development, built or operating, including solar, battery storage and wind power projects in Ontario, Western Canada, Bermuda, the United States, and Turkey. The company also has expertise in project financing, engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) as well as the operation and maintenance of existing renewable assets.


Saturn Power Inc. has continued its work developing green energy projects during the global pandemic, maintaining our entire complement of employees while implementing strict work from home guidelines and protocols to ensure the safety of our team members and their families.


For additional information, please contact:

Devin Petteplace,
Tel: 519-804-9163 ext. 118 

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Tim Banic

Health & Safety Coordinator

Can you walk me through your roles and responsibilities within the organization?


I am responsible for ensuring that we are current with health and safety legislation and doing everything we can to protect the company, our employees, visitors, and our contractors. One of my tasks is bringing our policies and procedures up to speed. The monthly Safety Moments just try to ensure that topics are relevant to us and what we do as a company. We do a lot of driving; our safety talks have a tendency to revolve around this. Our October conversation will surround ergonomics. Our Health & Wellness Week is an event to promote that the activities within the organization go beyond the occupational health and safety act. We want to ensure that our employees are taking care of themselves. When people ask how many people work in Safety at our company – I look at the total number of employees, each of us has a responsibility to safety within the organization.

Tim participating in the Terry Fox Run earlier in September. 


What is your favourite part about being the Health & Safety Coordinator at Saturn?


The people of Saturn Power. It’s interacting, and it’s making sure they get home safe at the end of the night. It’s the little things about my responsibility that mirror in the actions of the Saturn Team Members.


How do you promote workplace safety?


That’s an ongoing challenge – it’s not just e-mails and safety talks or one-on-one discussions, it’s having environmental awareness, being cognizant of all potential hazards, and having an open line of communication.


One of Tim's prized possessions!


What are some ways that an individual can improve on their workplace experience?


By following our Safety Moment – Stop what you’re doing, assess the hazards, identify them, correct them, and then do the job. That can go for big and little jobs.


What do you like to do outside of work?

Spending time with my family – Coaching my daughter’s softball team, shopping with my other daughter, then it’s cigars and my car and my leather business. But family time is definitely the number one.


Favourite movie?


My daughter would say it’s High School Musical 2 or 3 – But I’m thinking Steven King’s “The Stand” is also up there.


What are you usually listening to on Spotify during a work day?


There’s 1,200 songs in my playlist so that’s a hard one to narrow down. It ranges from Queen, to Cat Stevens and Blue Rodeo.

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Saturn Power Team Members participated in the Terry Fox Run this past weekend. The Saturn Team raised funds to assist the Terry Fox Foundation in its ongoing work to fund innovative cancer research programs.






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Recently, Saturn Power Team Members had the opportunity to participate in a build with Habitat for Humanity in Waterloo Region. 



Since its establishment in 1988, Habitat for Humanity Waterloo Region has provided the community with affordable living spaces, while bringing together the community and fostering a greater sense of engagement. 



For more information on how you too can get involved, visit their site,

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Raquel Reyes 

Project Development Intern 


As Raquel concludes the last day of her Co-Op placement, we take a look at her time with Saturn Power. 

What is your position at Saturn Power and what does an average day look like for you?


I'm the Co-Op Student in Development, often referred as Junior Developer. My day-to-day tasks are constantly changing - dependent on the current priorities in the department. Primarily, my position entails finding land opportunities within a geographic region for large utility-scale solar PV projects. So, I look at environmental factors, mapping, the triple-grid information available and present those opportunities to my Supervisor and move forward accordingly. 


What drew you to Saturn Power initially, why did you think it was good fit? 

I wanted to do something different from my previous co-op experiences, and focus on the enironmental aspect of my degree. I'm completing a Bachelors of Environmental Studies, with a Minor in Political Science and Specialization Diploma in Environmental Assessment. The goals of Saturn Power really align with what I'm learning in the classroom. 


Given the chance, who at Saturn Power would you like to be for a day? 


I would like to be Julia. She's incredibly detail-oriented, organized, and has a strong presence as a leader.


What is the best part about your role?


That it's never the same. I've been helping with market research, understanding the grid, obtaining information and contacting stakeholders to assist the Land Team - this position allowed me to explore various segments of the business cycle. 



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Saturn Power Invites You to 

Estevan Solar Project Proposal Open House

Taking place: Thursday, August 15, 2019 from 5:00pm to 7:30pm

Located at: Southeast College, 532 Bourquin Road, Estevan, SK



In a collaborative effort with the City of Estevan, members of our team will be in attendance to engage with the community, answer your questions and provide information regarding the project proposal. 


We hope you will join us in discussing this exciting new project.


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Tyson Zehr

Senior Investment Analyst


What is your role at Saturn Power? Can you give me a brief overview of what your position entails?


My role is an Investment Analyst, and I’m on the Strategic Capital Team. The Strategic Capital team is responsible for three segments of the process cycle. Business developers will come to us with a project, they’ll ask for pricing, so I’ll run pro forma and review the assumptions, and provide feedback with a price. The second part would be after we win a project, the Strategic Capital Team must go out and raise the capital for that asset. At that stage, I look up investor contact details and develop investor materials (preliminary information memorandums and presentations), and then the third area I work in is project acquisitions, including sensitivity analysis and contacting developers to see if there is interest in selling off their project.



What incentivized you to stay on with Saturn Power following your co-op term?


First thing would be the culture here and the people, I had a really good experience, they gave me a lot of opportunities and the company is so close to home. When I was at Ivey, they really engrained in us to find an industry that is a “wave”. You want to catch a wave in its early stages and ride it. I saw energy storage as an opportunity to become an expert in an area that there are not many experts in.


As an Investment Analyst, what trends do you see?


We’ve hit a tipping point where we’re at price parity with the other energy sources. Battery prices are coming down rapidly and we’re seeing a lot more RFP’s that have battery storage paired with solar. Having developed the largest battery in Canada, there’s a huge opportunity for us there. Also, investors are becoming more comfortable with renewable energy and offering better terms. Lastly, we’re seeing new programs popping up across North America in an effort to incentivize renewable energy projects.   



What is the best part of your role? The most difficult?


The best part is also the most difficult. I enjoy when we are very busy, working in a competitive environment with tight deadlines. This can be very difficult, however that’s really where I get my best work done. I believe it fosters personal growth and a strong team environment. I think our ability to process RFP’s and submit proposals on tight deadlines is a testament to the working relationship we have at Saturn Power.


Best vacation you’ve been on?


I went to Italy and Greece in Grade 12 for a month, and it was amazing. It was my first time to Europe. I saw Rome, Florence, Crete and Athens, just an amazing trip and got to enjoy the architecture and the history of two amazing countries.



What chore do you absolutely hate doing?


Dusting. Growing up, laundry and dusting, those were my chores, and I’m allergic to dust. Dusting, when you’re allergic to dust, isn’t fun.


Last meal?


Steak, twice baked potato with cheese and bacon, asparagus and a lobster tail on the side for sure.

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Julia Kossowski

Director, Solar Development


What is your role at Saturn Power? How long have you been with the corporation and can you give me a brief overview of what your role entails?


I’ve been with Saturn Power for two years but provided engineering consulting services to Doug and Ray in my former role for over five years. My title is Director of Solar Development, and I’m responsible for managing the development team for utility-scale solar projects through greenfield development, project acquisitions, and RFP bids for our North American and Caribbean projects.


What does a typical day as the Director of Solar Development look like for you?


Every day is a bit different – but definitely lots of meetings. Daily, I’m checking in with our solar developers on their greenfield development progress and addressing obstacles that they’re encountering, improving processes and communication. In parallel, I’m responding to market trends and assessing frequent acquisition and RFP opportunities and deciding which ones to pursue. My position entails rallying the team to prepare offers, in addition to communicating progress to the executive team and identifying risks. Where there’s time, I try to look ahead to plan our future strategic development goals.



What was the driving factor for you to join Saturn Power?


As a small, privately-owned company, I find we’re able to jump into new business opportunities very quickly. As a team we can assess these opportunities and explore new markets. The renewable energy sector is changing so rapidly and it’s nice to be with a team that can keep up with it. There’s a lot of learning on the job as we explore those new trends. Because Saturn Power has in-house specialists for every phase of solar project development (land agents, engineers, legal counsel, developers, accountants, and financiers) we have a tight knit team that supports the entire project lifecycle.  Our departments inter-connectedly work well together, we can successfully take on new and exciting projects. It’s great being a part of a world class renewable energy developer and operator in the Waterloo Region.


What would you say is your greatest highlight from your time working at the Saturn? Is there a specific project you’ve worked on that you found the most successful, and what was your role?


There have been lots of exciting successes over the past few years.  I might say one of the highlights would be submitting the successful bid for the 2017 SaskPower 10MW Solar RFP.  Saskatchewan is an important market for us, and it was a very competitive bid process – we were thrilled to be selected.  We are currently developing that project.


Outside of work, what do you love to do with your time?


As a mom of two kids, I’m kept busy so finding sleep wherever I can, is a plus. I also enjoy playing volleyball, I love being in the outdoors. I’m a big yoga enthusiast.


Ten years down the road, what role do you see renewable energy projects and practices having on our society?


We’re at an exciting tipping point for renewables, they’re already at parity with other traditional sources of electricity in parts of North America. In 10 years, I can see that being the case across the continent and that means we’ll have clean, sustainable sources of energy that no longer rely on fossil fuels. I think the shift is going to continue to support the integration of electrical vehicles, as well as exciting large infrastructure projects (light rail transit, for example), and overall a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable society.  I feel very privileged to be a small part of that evolution.

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Saturn power is excited to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website, We’re still delivering the same information and resources in respect to renewable energy projects, but we’ve added some new features and improved some old ones.


A special thank you to our site developers, REM Web Solutions for making the process seamless and delivering a product we’re proud to share.


Let us know what you think! We look forward to feedback from our site visitors and any critiques to make the platform more accessible. Feel free to email us at



Stay up to date with Saturn Power! In conjunction with our website launch, we are excited to announce our presence on Instagram and Youtube.

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AUSTIN, Texas, May 21— Five electric distribution cooperatives in Texas have signed agreements to purchase 7 megawatts (MW-dc) of distribution-scale solar generation, providing an increased supply of cost-effective and clean energy to their members while increasing local system resilience.


All of the arrays are scheduled to begin operation by June 2020. The buyers include Bartlett Electric Cooperative, Comanche Electric Cooperative, Heart of Texas Electric Cooperative, PenTex Energy and South Plains Electric Cooperative.


The projects will be developed, constructed, owned and operated by Canadian renewable energy developer Saturn Power Corporation, which will sell energy to the cooperatives through 20-year power purchase agreements. Saturn Power has developed and contracted 200 MW of wind, solar and battery storage projects, and was selected through a competitive bidding process that Rocky Mountain Institute managed as the buyers’ representative.



The solar arrays for each of the buyers will be sited on the cooperatives’ distribution systems, thereby avoiding Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) demand charges and generation capacity charges from their generation and transmission providers. Considering these demand-charge savings in addition to the low price of the solar energy produced, RMI believes the portfolio of solar systems will provide more total value to the buyers than a utility-scale solar installation would.


“Developing these solar energy installations makes a lot of sense for our members,” Bryan Lightfoot, general manager and CEO of Bartlett Electric Cooperative, said. “Not only will we be providing more clean, locally sourced energy to our community and hardening our grid, but we expect to save money over the life of these projects by becoming more self-sufficient.”


Nationwide, electric cooperatives are increasingly turning to distribution-scale solar. Distribution-scale solar systems like these Texas projects are advantaged by being large enough to access low costs through economies of scale, and small enough to efficiently interconnect into distribution systems and offset demand charges. Electric cooperatives also can leverage local connections to facilitate the development process, further reducing costs. Subsectors of the distribution-scale solar segment include both shared solar, in which community members directly purchase capacity or energy, as well as utility-led development of 0.5–10 MW projects on the distribution grid.


“We are very excited about this project and look forward to forging strong, long-term relationships with the electric cooperatives,” said Doug Wagner, president and CEO of Saturn Power. “Saturn Power continues to expand its reach in the US renewables market and we are proud to be able to help bring clean, affordable and renewable power to the residents of Texas.”


RMI is working with communities, utilities, corporate buyers and solar developers to build a more transparent, standardized approach to help expand market access for distribution-scale solar installations. The organization is also continually expanding its network to both raise awareness of the benefits of this technology, and to simplify the process to help stakeholders determine how distribution-scale solar can help lower electricity costs and bring more clean and resilient energy supply onto the grid.


“It has been a pleasure working with this group of dedicated cooperatives to develop a common understanding of the value that on-site solar generation can provide in the ERCOT market,” Jason Prince, a senior associate at RMI who helped coordinate the agreement, said. “This first tranche of contracts executed pursuant to our request for proposal process sets an excellent precedent for additional procurements.”


Texas is a particularly attractive market for distribution-scale solar development for a number of reasons, including the state’s strong solar resource and high per-capita carbon intensity. In addition to the developments announced today, RMI and partners in the state are in late-stage discussions to facilitate additional distribution-scale solar procurements.


RMI also will convene Energy Innovation Lab (e-Lab) Forge: Texas 2019, an invitation-only facilitated workshop to advance innovative clean energy projects in the Lone Star State. Scheduled for Sept. 16–18 in Austin, e-Lab Texas will bring together teams working on high-impact, scalable ideas and projects in distribution-scale solar energy, battery storage and other distributed clean energy solutions. The dynamic two-and-a-half day working session will host as many as seven teams with the highest-potential ideas and projects selected from across the state. Trained facilitators and technical experts will lead teams through effective collaborative processes and provide customized coaching, training and feedback to support each team’s unique project.


In addition to its work in Texas, RMI has worked directly with electric cooperatives in Colorado, New Mexico and North Carolina, as well as communities in New York State, to develop distribution-scale solar installations for local residents.


Based on learnings from the procurement in Texas and past projects—including that cooperatives and other potential buyers lacked the necessary resources or capacity to run competitive procurement processes—RMI also has released its Solar Procurement Framework, a toolkit to connect interested parties with the resources needed to successfully develop 1–10 MW solar projects. The Solar Procurement Framework builds on existing resources to provide an easy-to-use, step-by-step guide for project development in the distribution-scale solar market. The Solar Procurement Framework is available at:



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Battery energy storage system will enable Ontario-based power plant to provide peak shaving during summer and winter months.


TORONTO, May 15, 2019 - Honeywell today announced that it will provide a battery energy storage system (BESS) to Saturn Power, an Ontario-based renewable and clean energy provider. Saturn will deploy the system at a local power plant that is classified by Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) as a Class A customer with high peak demand. The technology will enable the batteries to charge during off-peak times and draw from BESS when energy demand on the grid and costs spike — typically on hot, air conditioning-intense summer days or cold heating-intense winter days. Utilization of BESS for peak shaving application helps reduce the need to bring additional non-renewable energy generators online, providing grid reliability while decreasing supply costs. It also benefits commercial and industrial companies that operate in Ontario, which usually pay a premium for energy use during peak periods due to the expense associated with running ancillary plants.



“Managing intense peaks during the summer and winter months, when energy consumption substantially increases, has been a recurring challenge in the manufacturing sector,” said Tai Nguyen, chief investment officer, Saturn Power. “Our energy services solutions, which include Honeywell supplied battery storage technology, have allowed Saturn Power to actively address these acute consumption needs while subsequently reducing energy costs for our customers, further supporting our vision of creating a sustainable environment for future generations.”

BESS for Saturn Power is designed to supply up to 8.8 megawatts (MW) and 18 megawatt-hours of energy. This is enough to support 600 average Canadian households for an entire day. The system delivered by Honeywell provides unparalleled cell-level control, which improves the life and performance of the system, along with performance guarantees for the project.


“As power plant operators globally are challenged with reducing operating costs, our BESS enables them to reduce the electrical load – and with that, the cost for electricity – well ahead of anticipated peaks,” said Eren Ergin, general manager, Renewable Energy and Distributed Assets, Honeywell Process Solutions. “The Honeywell supplied unique, modular battery management technology minimizes installation and commissioning time, making it ideal for the quick deployment that Saturn Power is looking for. This deployment is our largest to date and the result of significant investment in our renewable energy portfolio.”


Saturn Power, founded in 2007, has developed and contracted over 200 MW of solar, battery storage and wind power projects, including developments in Ontario, Western Canada, the United States, Turkey and Bermuda. The company, which also has expertise in project financing, engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) as well as the operation and maintenance of existing renewable assets, has been actively engaged in the BESS and energy storage markets since 2017.


For more information visit Honeywell Renewable Energy.

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Saturn Power is proud to announce the signing of our 6 MW solar project in Bermuda. On June 4th, 2018, founder and CEO Doug Wagner and VP of Engineering Mike Brugge visited Bermuda, to join the Government of Bermuda and the Bermuda Electric Light Company in announcing that Saturn Solar Bermuda 1 Ltd., a subsidiary of Saturn Power International Inc., will execute this project.


Using over twenty thousand solar panels, Saturn Power will develop a 6 MW AC solar photovoltaic (PV) power generation facility, at “The Finger” on St. David’s Island. It is expected to generate over twelve-thousand MWh of electricity annually and power up to 13% of


Bermuda’s energy usage. Saturn Power will be providing power to the Bermuda Electric Light Company for at least 20 years, in order to advance the use of clean energy and, most importantly, create a sustainable environment for future generations.


Doug explained that this project will be a significant achievement “for Saturn Power, for BELCO, for the government and for the people of Bermuda, as we will be developing this country’s very first utility-scale, renewable energy facility. In doing this, Bermuda has positioned itself as an example in the Caribbean community.”


Doug signed the finalized paperwork with the Minister of Transport and Regulatory Affairs Walter Robin, Minister of Public Works David Burch, Secretary Aideen Ratteray Pryse, and Secretary Yves Lortie.


Minister Walter Roban said, “We are pleased to collaborate with [Saturn} Solar Bermuda 1, who were the successful bidders for the development of this land through an intense, transparent and inclusive selection process that began in 2016.” He explained that Saturn Power offered the most affordable price in the competitive bid. Minister Roban also highlighted that the project will focus on empowering the community by employing local Bermudans for labour, construction, operations, and maintenance of the facility.


Our team is excited to being helping the Government of Bermuda reach its sustainability objectives. At Saturn Power, we are “Striving for a sustainable world.” This project brings us another step closer to achieving that goal.


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In concert with their efforts to help create a sustainable environment for future generations through the advancement of clean energy, employees and management at Saturn Power spent the afternoon of Thursday April 25 doing their part to keep the community clean in honor of Earth Week.


Saturn Power, a developer of clean, renewable energy projects that is headquartered in Baden, Ontario sent a team out to clean up debris and litter from the area surrounding the on/off ramps near HWY 7/8 and Foundry Rd in Baden/Wilmot Township. Another dedicated team participated in the cleanup around Saturn’s Baden headquarters at 140 Foundry Rd, including the area adjacent to the Baden Pond.



The team ended up filling over two dozen large garbage bags full of litter, removing harmful waste from the environment while beautifying the local community they are proud to call home. Saturn Power would like to also provide a special thank you to Provincial Waste Systems of Elmira, Ontario for generously agreeing to pick up the large load of garbage from our office, without charge.


“We at Saturn Power recognize the importance of building a sustainable planet through the minimizing of waste and consumption efforts, in concert with the work we are doing to develop, build and operate clean, renewable energy projects across the globe.” said Ray Roth, Chief Operating Officer of Saturn Power.  “As a company, and as a team, our goal is to help contribute to a more sustainable world for future generations and we will continue to strive, every day, to do better”.


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Saturn Power is proud to introduce the commercial operation of FIT 3 Solar Projects. Saturn Power led the permitting, engineering, procurement and construction of the development. The five solar farms, in partnership with North Shore Power Group were developed as a part of the Government of Ontario’s Feed-In Tariff (FIT) program.


Fixed 100, Fixed 200, Fixed 300, Fixed 400 and Fixed 500/Tracker are located in Blind River, Ontario, in close proximity to the Solvation S Project Site, owned and operated by Saturn Power. Each of the sites produce 500 kW AC, for a combined total of 2.5 MW AC in power generation. Our expert team of project developers and engineers used a mix of technologies to ensure optimization of the land. The mix includes Sungrow inverters, Heliene and Trina PV Modules, as well as GameChange and Solar FlexRack racking technologies.



First implemented, Fixed 200 was completed and began commercial operation as of June 6, 2017. The project was followed by Fixed 300 on June 26, 2017 and Fixed 400 on October 27, 2017. Most recently, Fixed 100 and Fixed 500 began commercially operating on July 20, 2018.


Saturn Power expresses sincere congratulations and gratitude to Mike Gupta, Construction Manager of the FIT 3 Solar Projects, for his integrity in ensuring the success of the development. We celebrate the implementation and full operation of this project, as it works to further the province of Ontario’s momentum towards a greener, cleaner energy portfolio. As a company headquartered in Ontario, we are proud that these provincial projects have been a part of our pursuit, as we strive to build a more sustainable world.

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