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Saturn Power develops, operates and owns solar, energy storage and wind power projects.

We have made the adoption and promotion of sustainable corporate practices part of our operational philosophy. We are mindful of both financial and environmental sustainability with respect to our project development.  Saturn Power thoroughly explores the needs of stakeholders, providing diverse financial and ownership structures, as well as specialized strategies for each unique community and section of land.

Whether engaging with communities or partnering with other leaders in the renewable industry, Saturn Power brings highly specialized expertise and innovative solutions to each project.



600+ MW


of renewable energy generation and storage in development, built or operating. 


178 MW


of renewable energy and storage contracted, built or operating.


64.8 MWh


of energy storage in our developed, built or operating projects.

“Saturn Power has proactively engaged, employed and supported members of our community not only during the construction phase of this project but also as part of its ongoing operation.”


David H. Brown, President of David Brown Construction Ltd.

“Developing natural energy solutions is more than addressing immediate needs. It is approaching a genuine interest and respect for the land: today, tomorrow and well into the future.”


Doug Wagner, CEO of Saturn Power

“By developing the largest energy storage facility in the nation, Saturn Power has enhanced our city and helped Festival Hydro provide greater flexibility and reliability to our customers.”


Ysni Semsedini, CEO of Festival Hydro

“We do not own our land, it belongs to our grandchildren. We have a responsibility to give it back to them better than we received it.”


Ray Roth, COO of Saturn Power

“These [wind turbines] are kind of pretty to watch. For me, it’s a great indicator of which way the wind is blowing when I get up in the morning”


Brad Gosnell, a farmer near our Gesner Wind Farm.





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