The Saturn Power Story

 Our Vision Statement


To create a sustainable environment for future generations, by advancing the use of clean energy.



Our Mission Statement


To develop, design, build, and operate renewable energy generation and storage facilities, while providing rewarding career opportunities for our employees, and acceptable returns to our investors.




Who We Are

Saturn Power is an independent power producer based in Baden, Ontario, with additional offices in Turkey and the United States. We engineer, own and operate a series of solar, wind and energy storage projects throughout the world.


Saturn Power was born from the vision of two farmers in 2007. Their cumulative experience and history have provided the company with a unique understanding of the needs of farming communities while entrenching the value of hard work into our internal culture.  Our determination, knowledge and agility enable us to customize each project to suit the specific needs of each stakeholder.


What We Do

We support the development of sustainable energy infrastructure by collaborating with communities, governments, and commercial and industrial businesses to ensure that each project is both financially viable and environmentally sustainable over the long-term.


Saturn Power is striving to support a sustainable world through our dedicated work in building green energy projects that will provide a source of clean, renewable energy for generations. In addition, we have begun to foster an internal culture of sustainability in our offices that seeks to build on our progress in the renewable industry.



Saturn Power is developing greenfield projects, as well as acquiring early-stage solar and energy storage projects, using our development, engineering and construction expertise to bring projects to the Notice to Proceed (NTP) and Commercial Operation Date (COD) phases.



Strategic Finance


By financing projects internally or forming equity partnerships with like-minded investors, Saturn Power secures capital and long-term value for each project.



Engineering, Procurement & Construct


Saturn Power utilizes our in-house engineering and project management capabilities to design and implement safe, reliable, and efficient solutions aimed at bringing low-cost energy to communities.




Operations & Maintenance


With the commitment of our in-house technicians and local subcontractors, independent engineers have confirmed that our generation uptime for our solar and wind facilities exceed world-class standards.



Asset Ownership


We are a developer and independent power producer (IPP) that plans to continue owning and operating projects as profitable and sustainable assets.

In providing turnkey solutions, as a developer and independent power producer, we manage:



  • Ownership, operation and maintenance of facilities

  • Financial structuring and strategic capital

  • Negotiation of Power Purchase Agreements

  • Adherence to municipal requirements

  • Utility connection agreements

  • Project commissioning

  • Engineering, procurement, and construction

  • Site identification and negotiation of land agreements

  • Regulatory permitting

  • Developing and maintaining supplier and sub-contractor relations

  • First Nations and Indigenous consultation and partnership

  • Fostering responsible community relations through dynamic engagement

  • Global Adjustment mitigation



RESPECT Our founders have a long history and connection to respectfully farming the land. That history serves the core philosophy of Saturn Power.  

SUSTAINABILITYWe do more than honour our understanding that clean and natural energy choices are the right path for a healthy earth.