Harness the wind.

Wind power allows us to harness the natural, consistent flow of wind in order to create a truly clean, renewable energy source powerful enough to generate electricity for thousands of homes.

10 MW


of wind developed, built and operating.


homes could be powered by the wind portfolio.




Saturn Power began its journey into renewable energy through the development of the 10-megawatt Gesner wind farm in Ontario, Canada. Saturn has learned many valuable lessons through the origination, construction, and operation of this project that continue to guide our efforts to this day. We continue to own and operate the Gesner facility to this day, relying on the dedication of our Operations and Maintenance personnel to ensure that the facility consistently and effectively generates clean, renewable energy. 


COMMUNITYAt Saturn Power, we take pride in the communities where we live and work. We strongly believe in the merits of meaningful, collaborative community consultation. Our company also works diligently in an effort to build strong, valuable and enduring relationships within the community.

CORPORATEBalancing ecological expectations alongside the need for project viability happens through inventive planning and mindful execution, taking both aspects into account. It is more than possible to achieve cost-effective, efficient and
productive results, while still respecting the environment. r.

LANDOWNERWe understand that, to many,  your land has considerations beyond simply financial.  We start our process by listening and understanding. Then we work hard to develop solutions that are beneficial to all involved - the landowner, Saturn Power and the environment.