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 Saturn Power can make energy work harder for you



From consultation to construction we do it all


Saturn Power simplifies energy storage projects by offering complete in-house engineering, procurement, and construct (EPC) services. We develop, design, sell, finance, own, lease and operate BESSs. Our partnership approach and keen focus on our customers' needs allows us to right-size solutions for the energy they need today; building modularity and flexibility that will scale with their energy demands tomorrow. 


Saturn Power works with energy leaders across a wide range of industries and geographies


We're proud of our extensive project portfolio that spans a variety of industries like renewables, utilities, steel, mining, water, and waste water, forest products, commercial, cement, agri-business, as well as oil and gas. As a leader in the energy industry, our experience has taken us to customer sites across North America and Europe . With Offices in the USA, Canada, and Turkey we provide exceptional maintenance and ongoing support to our customers. 



Battery Energy Storage Systems


We believe Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) are the future and we are deeply committed to developing them. Our BESS projects empower industrial and commercial customers to take control of their energy costs, as well as operational performance to gain a competitive advantage. 


The electricity supply system dictates that the production of energy and the demand for that energy be proportionate and equal. This can often be a difficult balancing act given the unpredictability of human power consumption mixed with the inevitable failure of generation and distribution equipment and the volatility of weather patterns that can have a direct effect on production. 


Battery energy storage plays an important role in balancing production and demand and helps to create a more manageable, consistent and efficient power supply. It allies itself well with green energy sources, such as solar and wind, by mitigating any variance in renewable production, effectively bridging the gap between production and demand and allowing these technologies to become increasingly more prominent components of the energy supply mix.


Take control of Global Adjustment (GA) with a BESS


Storing energy in a BESS for use during peak GA hours produces significant savings. Our advanced solutions also mitigate risks associated with inconsistent utility services, energy quality issues and fluctuations, while providing a reliable source of backup power to our customers when they need it. 


The ability of energy storage to rapidly discharge energy back to the grid allows for a more stable and efficient energy system, especially where peak demand requirements are more unpredictable. Energy storage also has the ability to provide more consistent and reliable energy delivery to those that reside farther from the electrical grid.



Saturn is a leading energy project expert.


Our Portfolio includes over $350 million in assets under management including over 175MW of renewable generation. We have a variety of contract structures and financial instruments available to finance the deployment of capital into utility investments, including generation and storage projects. 


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19.6 MW


storage being developed, built and operating.

64.8 MWh


of daily energy output from our energy storage projects.



homes could be powered for one hour by the storage portfolio.


Benefits of Energy Storage


  • Storage is an integrating technology - enables supply to better match demand;

  • Reduces the amount of dispatching imposed on large conventional generators

  • Reduces natural gas plant capacity to meet peak demand and reserves;

  • Enables better utilization of base-load energy plants;

  • Enables higher penetration of renewable energy sources into our electricity grid;

  • Can reduce transmission and distribution line congestion;

  • Supports voltage and grid frequency control.



UTILITYHaving developed one of the largest energy storage facilities in Canada in addition to the development or construction of several other battery storage projects in Ontario, we have the experience, skills and expertise to partner with public and private utility companies of all sizes to develop a range of renewable and energy storage projects.




SUSTAINABILITY With sustainability in mind, we pre-screen our partners and suppliers to ensure that their values and mission align with our outlook on environmentally sustainable and recyclable materials. Our goal is to responsibly guide the expired materials used in our projects in a sustainable and responsible manner. 




BEHIND-THE-METERBased energy market structure, the way power is managed during major peak hours can save or cost a company significant money. Battery Energy Storage Systems are able to reduce the user’s proportional share of the provincial on-peak demand by implementing BTM storage, translating to big savings for eligible Class A consumers. 




BTM Battery Energy Storage Facility to Participate in Ontario’s Operating Reserve Market

Saturn Power and Peak Power

Enable Groundbreaking Participation of BTM Battery Energy Storage Facility in Ontario’s Operating Reserve Market

In a milestone achievement, Saturn Power Inc. has earned approval to partici...