Saturn Power

Festival Hydro

Saturn Power has co-developed and is currently constructing several utility-scale lithium-ion and Flow Battery projects in North America.
We have partnered with Festival Hydro to build one of the largest battery storage facilities in Canada, marking the first steps towards creating a micro-grid in Stratford.
Under construction in Wright Business Park, the battery storage facility, is on an acre of land next to the existing Festival Hydro transformer station. Using Powin Energy's Stack140 energy storage system, the facility houses four lithium-ion battery cell arrays - two with a capacity of two Megawatts, and two with a capacity of 2.4 Megawatts.
Together, the battery cell arrays provide a storage capacity of 8.8 Megawatts, which translates to 40.8 Megawatt hours of available energy - enough to supply more than 10,000 homes with electricity for an hour.

8.8 MW/
40.8 MWh

151 Wright BLVD Stratford, Ontario Canada

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