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Saturn Power and Peak Power

Enable Groundbreaking Participation of BTM Battery Energy Storage Facility in Ontario’s Operating Reserve Market

In a milestone achievement, Saturn Power Inc. has earned approval to participate in the Independent Electricity System Operator’s (IESO) Operating Reserve market via an operational behind-the-meter (BTM) battery energy storage facility controlled by Peak Power’s innovative energy management software. 


Peak Power is a cleantech company with a core focus in Energy Management and Energy Storage. Saturn Power is a renewable energy developer and operator specializing in Solar and Energy Storage project development, financing, and operation. Saturn Power and Peak Power collaborated to develop a custom solution to enable BTM distribution-connected energy storage projects to offer Operating Reserve capability. The solution employs the Peak Synergy energy management software paired with Saturn’s 8.8 MW / 19 MWh operating battery energy storage project located in Southwestern Ontario. The BTM battery commenced operation in Operating Reserve in July 2022 and received official approval from the IESO after successful testing.


The IESO procures Operating Reserve services for energy supply contingency. If required by the IESO, the Operating Reserve market enables participants to provide standby power at a short notice. These services are called upon when there is a disparity between generation and load. Facilities participating in the Operating Reserve market must be able to quickly supply power and sustain as directed by the IESO. 


Up until now, BTM assets have faced challenges to meet the rigorous operating requirements for the Operating Reserve market - however, the innovative software solution within Peak Synergy has allowed for this breakthrough. This milestone demonstrates that BTM energy storage could play a role in providing viable solutions to support IESO’s mandate of reliably operating the grid.


“We’re thrilled to once again be at the forefront of the clean energy transition in Ontario,” says Derek Lim Soo, CEO of Peak Power. “Thanks to our partnership with Saturn Power, we’ve demonstrated that BTM assets can participate in Operating Reserve, provided they have the right technology. Saturn Power will, meanwhile, benefit from having reserve energy immediately available without having to ramp up fossil fuel resources, furthering their clean energy goals.”


“Saturn Power strives to operate on the cutting edge of renewable energy technology, with our dedicated team members working hard to develop the tools and relationships that allow us to understand and implement the technology in a viable and mutually beneficial manner.” said Doug Wagner, President & CEO, Saturn Power. “Working closely with Peak Power on this innovative distributed resource for Operating Reserve in the Province is further evidence of what is possible in the renewable energy sector when determination, collaboration and ingenuity are combined. We are proud that this project will serve a foundational role in the efforts to create a sustainable environment for future generations”.


Given its pioneering status in Canada, this milestone achievement brings visibility for further storage integration opportunities in the IESO market and is an important case study for the storage industry in the country.


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About Saturn Power

Saturn Power Inc., founded in 2007 and based in Baden, Ontario, Canada, has over 700 MW of renewable energy generation and storage projects in development, built or operating, including solar, battery storage and wind power projects in Canada, Bermuda, the United States and Turkey. The company also has expertise in project financing, engineering, procurement, and construction as well as the operation and maintenance of existing renewable assets.

About Peak Power

Peak Power is a cleantech company founded in 2015 operating in Ontario, New York, New England, and California. Their flagship software, Peak Synergy, provides energy management solutions for commercial real estate and industrial customers by optimizing three core energy assets: battery energy storage systems, grid-interactive buildings, and electric vehicles. Peak Synergy enables customers to minimize operational costs, reduce emissions, and sell energy back to the grid. Peak Power’s software delivers results with innovative projects that take commercial and industrial scale storage systems and electric vehicles into electricity markets. Peak Synergy is deployed in over 13M sq. ft. of real estate, with ~116 MWh of battery and electric vehicle capacity under contract or committed.


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Battery energy storage system will enable Ontario-based power plant to provide peak shaving during summer and winter months.


TORONTO, May 15, 2019 - Honeywell today announced that it will provide a battery energy storage system (BESS) to Saturn Power, an Ontario-based renewable and clean energy provider. Saturn will deploy the system at a local power plant that is classified by Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) as a Class A customer with high peak demand. The technology will enable the batteries to charge during off-peak times and draw from BESS when energy demand on the grid and costs spike — typically on hot, air conditioning-intense summer days or cold heating-intense winter days. Utilization of BESS for peak shaving application helps reduce the need to bring additional non-renewable energy generators online, providing grid reliability while decreasing supply costs. It also benefits commercial and industrial companies that operate in Ontario, which usually pay a premium for energy use during peak periods due to the expense associated with running ancillary plants.



“Managing intense peaks during the summer and winter months, when energy consumption substantially increases, has been a recurring challenge in the manufacturing sector,” said Tai Nguyen, chief investment officer, Saturn Power. “Our energy services solutions, which include Honeywell supplied battery storage technology, have allowed Saturn Power to actively address these acute consumption needs while subsequently reducing energy costs for our customers, further supporting our vision of creating a sustainable environment for future generations.”

BESS for Saturn Power is designed to supply up to 8.8 megawatts (MW) and 18 megawatt-hours of energy. This is enough to support 600 average Canadian households for an entire day. The system delivered by Honeywell provides unparalleled cell-level control, which improves the life and performance of the system, along with performance guarantees for the project.


“As power plant operators globally are challenged with reducing operating costs, our BESS enables them to reduce the electrical load – and with that, the cost for electricity – well ahead of anticipated peaks,” said Eren Ergin, general manager, Renewable Energy and Distributed Assets, Honeywell Process Solutions. “The Honeywell supplied unique, modular battery management technology minimizes installation and commissioning time, making it ideal for the quick deployment that Saturn Power is looking for. This deployment is our largest to date and the result of significant investment in our renewable energy portfolio.”


Saturn Power, founded in 2007, has developed and contracted over 200 MW of solar, battery storage and wind power projects, including developments in Ontario, Western Canada, the United States, Turkey and Bermuda. The company, which also has expertise in project financing, engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) as well as the operation and maintenance of existing renewable assets, has been actively engaged in the BESS and energy storage markets since 2017.


For more information visit Honeywell Renewable Energy.

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