Saturn Power

Bermuda Airport

This project is a significant achievement for Saturn Power, BELCO, the government and the people of Bermuda, as it is the country’s first utility-scale, renewable energy facility. Using over 20,000 photovoltaic solar panels, Saturn Power developed this 6 MW AC solar photovoltaic (PV) power generation facility, at “The Finger” on St. David’s island. Development on this project began in 2018 with construction and permitting work beginning in late 2019. With a series of delays, due mostly to the Global COVID 19 pandemic, construction work on the project was concluded in late 2021 with commissioning and final grid preparations occurring in November 2021. The energy produced from this inaugural project will help Bermuda to achieve its sustainable energy goals. Given the timeline for construction, the facility has already experienced two separate hurricane events on the island, withstanding all associated elements of each respective storm, without any significant damage to the equipment on site. For more information, view our news update on the project.

6 MW

The Finger, St. George's Island, Saint George Bermuda

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